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Sponsored award winners

The Biochemical Society and Portland Press journals are proud to support the research community through sponsorship at scientific meetings and events, particularly when we have the opportunity to highlight and promote the work of early-career researchers in the molecular biosciences. If you would like to suggest a scientific meeting or event where one of our journals could support an award, please contact the Editorial Office.

Sponsored by Portland Press

As part of Experimental Biology held 27-30th April 2021, Portland Press are delighted to have sponsored the Water & Electrolyte Homeostasis Section Portland Press Predoctoral Research Recognition Award. We would like to congratulate the winner and finalists below. 

Winner of the Water & Electrolyte Homeostasis Section Portland Press Predoctoral Research Recognition Award 

Lindsey Ramirez is a 4th year PhD Candidate in the laboratory of Dr. Jennifer Sullivan at the Medical College of Georgia-Augusta University. She investigates how a high fat diet disproportionately increases adiposity and blood pressure in females vs males. Currently, she is testing the role of inflammation in this model. In addition to her laboratory work, Lindsey is passionate about dispersing scientific knowledge so that it is understandable to a wide audience, regardless of education or background.


Finalists of the Water & Electrolyte Homeostasis Section Portland Press Predoctoral Research Recognition Award

  • Luke Dunaway – University of Alabama at Birmingham
    Oral presentation title: “HDAC1 mediates high-salt impaired endothelial nitric oxide signaling”

  • Jamarius Waller – University of Mississippi Medical Center
    Oral presentation title: “A biopolymer-fused form of VEGF-B for the treatment of preeclampsia”

Sponsored by Biochemical Journal

As part of the Biochemical Society’s Kinases and Pseudokinases Symposium held on 26 May 2021, a Biochemical Journal sponsored prize was awarded to Florentine Rutaganira for her excellent work.

Dr. Florentine Rutaganira is an HHMI Hanna H. Gray postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Berkeley in the laboratory of Professor Nicole King. She uses chemistry to generate probes to study kinases in choanoflagellates, single-celled organisms that are the closest living relatives of animals. Recent sequencing efforts with choanoflagellates have uncovered many animal genes that are present in choanoflagellates. In particular, choanoflagellates have a large number of tyrosine kinases and phosphotyrosine phosphatases, signaling proteins that regulate many aspects of animal biology including intercellular communication. Since some choanoflagellates are able to form colonies, Dr. Rutaganira is studying whether tyrosine kinase signaling regulates choanoflagellate multicellular development. By studying choanoflagellates, she hopes to uncover new insight into human biology which may lead to new approaches to treat human disease.

Sponsored by Clinical Science

As part of Experimental Biology held 27-30th April 2021, Clinical Science are delighted to have sponsored the Cardiovascular Section Clinical Science Young Investigator Award. We would like to congratulate the winner below.

Winner of the Cardiovascular Section Clinical Science Young Investigator Award

Throughout Cam’s career, attenuation of cardiovascular diseases has been a consistent theme. Initially, this purpose was fulfilled through education in physical education and exercise science; however, since 2011, Cam has pursued training in the biomedical sciences, with particular emphasis on physiology and vascular biology. Given this background, Cam’s goal is to become a principal investigator and establish an independent research program in the fields of vascular physiology and pathophysiology of hypertension.

Within the hypertension field, Cam is particularly interested in premature vascular aging. It is well established that hypertension is a condition of premature vascular aging (relative to actual chronological age). In fact, many of the factors that contribute to the deterioration of vascular function as we age are accelerated and exacerbated in hypertension. Cam is interested in the underlying mechanisms as to why arteries from hypertensive animals and patients appear older than they actually are. He hypothesizes that a toxic accumulation of damaged organelles and cellular debris, as a result of an ineffective autophagy, causes cells in the vasculature to senesce and become dysfunctional. Furthermore, Cam is interested in elucidating novel mechanisms by which systemic upregulation/reconstitution of autophagy ameliorates the vascular aging phenotype and hypertension.


As part of the 33rd Annual Meeting Of the European Diabetic Nephropathy Study Group held 21-22nd May 2021, Clinical Science are delighted to have sponsored two poster prizes. We would like to congratulate the winners below. 

Poster prizes sponsored by Clinical Science at EDNSG 2021

Dr Natalie Jones is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Edinburgh working on a Kidney Research UK funded project with Dr Geoff Culshaw to selectively target renal sodium transporters with the aim of restoring pressure natriuresis and circadian regulation of blood pressure in Type 1 diabetes mellitus. Natalie’s interest in renal physiology was honed during her PhD project with Professor Matthew Bailey in Edinburgh looking at the lactate receptor, GPR81, and renal haemodynamic control.

Jussi Inkeri, MD graduated from the University of Oulu in 2013. He is currently Consultant Radiologist (Abdominal Imaging) at HUS Medical Imaging Center in Helsinki University Hospital. He is also PhD student at University of Helsinki and at FinnDiane Study Group in Folkhälsan Research Center in Helsinki.  His research is focused on the cerebral vasculopathy in type 1 diabetes.


The 2020 European Council for Cardiovascular Research (ECCR) Virtual Meeting held on 9-10 October was sponsored by Clinical Science. Professor Rhian Touyz, ECCR President and Clinical Science Editor-in-Chief, and the journal were delighted to sponsor several awards supporting early career researchers, and both she and Portland Press would like to congratulate all the winners below.

Category: Best Oral Presentation in the PhD student - Hamdi Jama

Hamdi Jama is a final year PhD student from Monash University under the supervision of A/Prof Francine Marques and Prof David Kaye. Her PhD research is on understanding the role of the gut microbiome in the development of cardiovascular disease. She is particularly interested in how dietary fibre intake can be used to modulate the gut microbiota and cardiovascular outcome. 

Category: Best Oral Presentation in the PhD student - André Felipe Rodrigues 

André F. Rodrigues is currently a PhD student in the laboratory of Prof. Dr. Michael Bader at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin. His PhD project focuses on long-term blood pressure regulation, extensively exploring the interaction between the renin-angiotensin-system and the autonomic nervous system. To gain more insight on the topic, André uses an integrative physiological approach to phenotype gain and loss of function mouse models. In his home country Brazil, André obtained his bachelor’s degree in biology and master’s in biochemistry before moving to Germany to start his PhD.  

Category: Best Oral Presentation in the Undergraduate student - Antonia Sanad

Antonia is a medical student at Charité Berlin. Currently, she is working on her MD-thesis in the lab of Professor Michael Bader at the Max-Delbrück-Center for Molecular Medicine. Her project focusses on possible renoprotective actions of the ACE2-Angiotensin(1-7)-Mas-Axis of the Renin-Angiotensin-System in chronic kidney disease. For this purpose, Antonia studies animal models with specific genetic alterations in this axis regarding cardiovascular and renal function in ageing and disease.

Category: Best Oral Presentation in the Post-Doctoral - Giacomo Rossitto

Giacomo graduated in medicine ‘magna cum laude’ in 2010 at the University of Padua, Italy. He specialised in Internal Medicine, with a clinical and research focus on hypertension, aldosteronism and cardiovascular medicine in general. Giacomo’s Ph.D. studies, investigating tissue salt accumulation and homeostasis in cardiovascular disease, were conducted at the British-Heart Foundation Centre of Research Excellence, University of Glasgow, UK, under the supervision of Prof. Christian Delles, Prof Mark Petrie and Prof Rhian Touyz. Giacomo is currently a Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Padua, Italy and an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Glasgow, UK.


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