We describe the use of HTML5P (H5P) content collaboration framework to deliver an interactive, online alternative to an assessed laboratory practical on the Biomedical Cell Biology unit at the Manchester Metropolitan University, U.K. H5P is free, open-source technology to deliver bespoke interactive, self-paced online sessions. To determine if the use of H5P affected learning and student attainment, we compared the student grades among three cohorts: the 18/19 cohort who had ‘wet’ laboratory classes, the 19/20 cohort who had ‘wet’ laboratory classes with additional video support and the 20/21 cohort who had the H5P alternative. Our analysis shows that students using the H5P were not at a disadvantage to students who had ‘wet’ laboratory classes with regard to assessment outcomes. Student feedback, mean grade attained and an upward trend in the number of students achieving first-class marks (≥70%), indicate H5P may enhance students’ learning experience and be a valuable learning source augmenting traditional practical classes in the future.

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