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Forthcoming issues

Each issue of Emerging Topics in Life Sciences is themed and overseen by a Guest Editor. Please see below the issues planned for 2022. If you would be interested in contributing to one of these issues, or you would like to suggest a topic for a forthcoming issue, please contact the Editorial Office. 

Coral Reef Ecosystems, guest edited by Simon Davy (Victoria University of Wellington) 

Translational applications of omics, guest edited by Matthew Lewsey and Bhavna Hurgobin (La Trobe University)

Biological (A)symmetry across the scales, guest edited by John Graham (Berry College)

Animal Models, guest edited by Amy Milton (University of Cambridge)

ECR Special issue: Soft Matter Biophysics, guest edited by Natasha Rhys, Kings College London)

Membrane Asymmetry, guest edited by Mikahil Bogdanov (University of Texas-Houston)

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