Many biological membranes present an asymmetric lipid distribution between the two leaflets that is known as the transbilayer lipid asymmetry. This asymmetry is essential for cell survival and its loss is related to apoptosis. In mammalian and yeast cells, ATP-dependent transport of lipids to the cytosolic side of the biological membranes, carried out by so-called lipid flippases, contributes to the transbilayer lipid asymmetry. Most of these lipid flippases belong to the P4-ATPase protein family, which is also present in plants. In this review, we summarize the relatively scarce literature concerning the presence of transbilayer lipid asymmetry in different plant cell membranes and revise the potential role of lipid flippases of the P4-ATPase family in generation and/or maintenance of this asymmetry.

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