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Clin Sci (Lond) (2014) 126 (4): 305–313.
Published: 22 October 2013
... the development of an N-domain selective ACE inhibitor and the molecular basis for the interaction of key active site residues with the ligand. angiotensin-1-converting enzyme (ACE) crystal structure in silico screening inhibitor design kinetics RXP407 • The N-domain catalytic site of ACE...
Clin Sci (Lond) (2002) 102 (1): 31–38.
Published: 03 December 2001
...Yoshiyuki FUKUOKA; Yoko NAKAGAWA; Katsutoshi OGOH; Tomoyuki SHIOJIRI; Yoshiyuki FUKUBA The purpose of the present study was to define the influence of age and exercise training on the heart rate (HR) dynamic response (i.e. kinetics) to sinusoidal work. A total of 63 healthy subjects (31 men and 32...
Clin Sci (Lond) (1997) 93 (6): 585–591.
Published: 01 December 1997
... model disposal human ileostomy kinetics Clinical Science (1997) 93,585-591 (Printed in Great Britain) Absorption of all-trans and 9-cis j-carotene in human ileostomy volunteers Richard M. FAULKS, David J. HART, Peter D. G. WILSON, K. John SCOT and Susan SOUTHON Institute of Food Research, Nomich...
Clin Sci (Lond) (1995) 88 (6): 681–686.
Published: 01 June 1995
...Roland Laager; Ronald Ninnis; Ulrich Keller 1. The effects of intravenous infusions of recombinant human insulin-like growth factor 1 and insulin on palmitate kinetics, lipolysis and on serum triacylglycerol were compared. Overnight-fasted normal subjects received high doses of insulin-like growth...
Clin Sci (Lond) (1993) 84 (1): 113–117.
Published: 01 January 1993
...N. M. Lowe; A. Green; J. M. Rhodes; M. Lombard; R. Jalan; M. J. Jackson 1. The short-term (120 min) kinetics of Zn turnover has been studied in control subjects and patients with alcoholic liver disease after intravenous injection of 0.5 mg of 96.5% enriched 70 ZnCl 2 . 2. The 70 Zn enrichment...
Clin Sci (Lond) (1990) 79 (5): 531–536.
Published: 01 November 1990
...Pasquale Strazzullo; Mitzy Canessa 1. A human lymphocyte preparation, obtained by Percoll gradient centrifugation and free of contaminating monocytes and granulocytes, was used to study the kinetics of the Na + -H + exchanger through activation by nigericin-induced acidic loading. The fluorescent...
Clin Sci (Lond) (1990) 78 (3): 335–341.
Published: 01 March 1990
... proposed. We have developed a triple-isotope method for estimating myo -inositol influx into human leucocytes and so investigated both the kinetics of this uptake in normal volunteers and the effect of glucose upon it. 2. Uptake was composed of a passive component with a rate constant of 2.4 ± 0.3 × 10 −2...
Clin Sci (Lond) (1985) 68 (2): 171–177.
Published: 01 February 1985
... The Biochemical Society and the Medical Research Society 1985 cytochemical bioassay immunoassay kinetics parathyroid hormone Clinical Science (1985) 68, 171-177 171 Pharmacokinetics of synthetic human parathyroid hormone 1-34 in man measured by cytochemical bioassay and radioimmunoassay G. N. KENT'-3...
Clin Sci (Lond) (1982) 63 (5): 405–414.
Published: 01 November 1982
...M. L. G. Gardner; G. L. Atkins © 1982 The Biochemical Society and the Medical Research Society 1982 intestinal transport kinetic analysis kinetics transport Clinical Science (1982) 63,405-414 405 EDITORIAL REVIEW Kinetic analysis of transport processes in the intestine and other...
Clin Sci (Lond) (1982) 62 (5): 553–556.
Published: 01 May 1982
...G. T. Royle; J. A. Molnar; Marta H. Wolfe; R. R. Wolfe; J. F. Burke 1. The simultaneous effects of an intravenous glucose infusion on plasma urea, glucose and alanine kinetics were investigated in normal post-absorptive man. 2. The primed constant intravenous infusion of compounds labelled...
Clin Sci (Lond) (1982) 62 (1): 77–81.
Published: 01 January 1982
... of alanine. 29 6 1981 20 7 1981 © 1982 The Biochemical Society and the Medical Research Society 1982 alanine ketones kinetics obesity starvation Clinical Science (1982) 62,77-8 1 77 Effect of fasting on the disappearance of injected alanine and 3-hydroxybutyrate in obese...
Clin Sci (Lond) (1980) 58 (2): 169–171.
Published: 01 February 1980
... © 1980 The Biochemical Society and the Medical Research Society 1980 kinetics occupancy principle vitamin B 12 CllnicalScience (1980) 58.169-171 SHORT COMMUNICATION Application of the occupancy principle in studies of the metabolism of vitamin Biz in man R. G. BESSENT, W. S. WATSON, C...
Clin Sci (Lond) (1979) 56 (5): 471–478.
Published: 01 May 1979
... by digital computer simulation without recourse to ancillary chemical measurements of extracellular space. 2. A three-compartment model consisting of (i) extracellular, (ii) intracellular and (iii) subcellular space was found to represent adequately the kinetics of 22 Na. Transport rate constants were chosen...
Clin Sci Mol Med (1977) 53 (1): 81–86.
Published: 01 July 1977
...-turnover component and plasma protein-bound 131 I. 7. A simple model describing iodine kinetics in athyreotic individuals is suggested. It predicts that the slow-turnover component contains only about 4 μg of iodine and, since this is distributed widely in body tissues, it is unlikely to be of biological...
Clin Sci Mol Med (1976) 50 (6): 511–523.
Published: 01 June 1976
...R. M. Batt; T. J. Peters 1. The effects in rats of an oral pharmacological dose of prednisolone on mucosal function, enzymology, lysosomal membrane fragility, morphology and cell kinetics have been examined in proximal jejunum and distal ileum. 2. The maximum absorptive capacity for galactose...
Clin Sci Mol Med (1974) 47 (3): 259–278.
Published: 01 September 1974
... in unfractionated plasma represent mainly the very-low-density lipoprotein triglyceride transport. The distribution space of plasma triglyceride was found to be equal to the plasma volume. 4. Our findings suggest a complex relation between plasma triglyceride concentration and its transport kinetics. The plasma...