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Clinical Science themed collection on Cardiovascular-Oncology

Open for research submissions


The last few years have seen dramatic improvements in cancer survival, in large part because of the rapid development of an expanding range of novel anti-cancer therapies. However, a number of these modern anti-cancer drugs have unwanted cardiovascular effects. The potential for cardiovascular toxicity associated with these drugs often reflects overlap between pathogenic cancer mechanisms and physiological pathways required for normal cardiovascular function. Clinical Science is, therefore, compiling a themed collection to reflect the growing relevance of Cardiovascular-Oncology as a specialty that aims to refine our understanding and management of these competing risks. This collection will bring together reviews and original research articles examining the intersection between cancer treatments and their potentially harmful cardiovascular effects as well as addressing the cardiovascular effects of malignancy per se.

This Clinical Science themed collection, will be Guest edited by:

Professor Rhian Touyz, University of Glasgow
Dr Ninian Lang, University of Glasgow

We welcome you to submit your best original research papers. Please contact the Editorial Office for any additional information.

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* Image taken from "Vascular toxicity associated with anti-angiogenic drugs" 
  Karla B. Neves; Augusto C. Montezano; Ninian N. Lang; Rhian M. Touyz 
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