Recently, we have read with great interest the article published by Ibarrola et al. (Clin. Sci. (Lond.) (2018) 132, 1471–1485), which used proteomics and immunodetection methods to show that Galectin-3 (Gal-3) down-regulated the antioxidant peroxiredoxin-4 (Prx-4) in cardiac fibroblasts. Authors concluded that ‘antioxidant activity of Prx-4 had been identified as a protein down-regulated by Gal-3. Moreover, Gal-3 induced a decrease in total antioxidant capacity which resulted in a consequent increase in peroxide levels and oxidative stress markers in cardiac fibroblasts.’ We would like to point out some results stated in the article that need further investigation and more detailed discussion to clarify certain factors involved in the protective role of Prx-4 in heart failure.

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