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Bioscience Reports provides a home for sound scientific research in all areas of cell biology and molecular life sciences.

Since 2012, Bioscience Reports has been fully open access and publishes all papers under the liberal CC BY licence, giving the life science community quality research to share and discuss. Content before 2012 is subscription-only and is accessible via archive purchase.
Articles are assessed on soundness, providing a home for valid findings and data.

We welcome papers that span disciplines, including papers that focus on the following:

  • The physical properties and structure of basic molecules that make up living organisms
  • Pathways, chains of reactions and interactions between molecules in living processes 
  • Genetic processes
  • Biological networks 
  • The components, processes, and interactions of cells
  • Developmental and evolutionary processes in cells
  • Organisms
  • Physiological systems and clinical/medical science
  • Technology
Papers analysing existing publicly available datasets or previously published data:
Articles only analysing pre-existing, publicly available datasets are no longer considered in scope of the journal. This includes papers identifying or predicting potential biomarkers, predicting treatment outcomes and network pharmacology. Papers of this type will only be considered by the Editorial Board if the paper falls within the fields of cellular and molecular biology, and additional wet-laboratory experiments are performed to strengthen the findings or new data/samples are included in the article.
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