The authors would like to acknowledge a typographical error in the ‘Criteria for inclusion and exclusion’ section of their published article (Bioscience Reports (2018) 38(6) to address the statement that studies with a sample size of n<30 were included. The correct full statement which reflects the inclusion of studies with a sample size of n<20 is provided below:

“The study inclusion criteria were as follows: (1) design type: randomized controlled trial or cohort study; (2) study population: children or adults with SAP who required enteral or PN for at least 48 h; (3) intervention: enteral or PN. (4) Comparison: EN with PN. Exclusion criteria included (1) experimentation studies, comments, reviews, letters, and conferences abstracts, and (2) studies with very small sample sizes (n<20).”

In addition to this, the authors would like to correct the listed titles of several of the references of their published article to assist readers in finding the citation source:

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