In this work the effect of the neurotoxic amino acid sequence, Aβ25–35, on brain mitochondrial permeability transition pore (PTP) was studied. For the purpose, the mitochondrial transmembrane potential (ΔΨm), mitochondrial respiration and the calcium fluxes were examined. It was observed that Aβ25–35, in the presence of Ca2+, decreased the ΔΨm, the capacity of brain mitochondria to accumulate calcium and led to a complete uncoupling of the respiration. However, the reverse sequence of the peptide Aβ25–35 (Aβ35–25) did not promote the PTP. The alterations promoted by Aβ35–25 and/or Ca2+ could be reversed when Ca2+ was removed by EGTA or when ADP plus oligomycin were present. The pre-treatment with CsA or ADP plus oligomycin prevented the ΔΨm drop and preserved the capacity of mitochondria to accumulate Ca2+. These results suggest that Aβ25–35 can promote the PTP induced by Ca2+.

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