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Keywords: protein kinase A
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Biochem Soc Trans (2019) 47 (5): 1341–1353.
Published: 11 October 2019
... (ROS) is the main driver of oxidative stress and consequent cardiomyocyte dysfunction and death. In this context, the cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA) plays a central role in regulating signaling pathways that protect the heart against ROS-induced cardiac damage. In cardiac cells, spatiotemporal...
Biochem Soc Trans (2019) 47 (5): 1355–1366.
Published: 11 October 2019
...Matthew G. Gold cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA) plays a central role in important biological processes including synaptic plasticity and sympathetic stimulation of the heart. Elevations of cAMP trigger release of PKA catalytic (C) subunits from PKA holoenzymes, thereby coupling cAMP to protein...
Biochem Soc Trans (2013) 41 (6): 1692–1695.
Published: 20 November 2013
...Ana Santos de Medeiros; Alexander Magee; Kyle Nelson; Liora Friedberg; Karolina Trocka; Charles S. Hoffman PKA (protein kinase A) in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe controls transcription of genes involved in metabolism, cell growth and sexual development. In the present review, we...
Biochem Soc Trans (2012) 40 (4): 698–703.
Published: 20 July 2012
... resonance energy transfer HSQC heteronuclear single-quantum coherence MT microtubule MTBR MT-binding repeat PHF paired helical filament PKA protein kinase A We thank Professor K. Kosik (University of California Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA, U.S.A.) for insightful...
Biochem Soc Trans (2005) 33 (6): 1509–1512.
Published: 26 October 2005
... kinase 3 (GSK3) hedgehog phosphorylation protein kinase A Cos2 costal-2 Ci Cubitus interruptus Fu fused GSK3 glycogen synthase kinase 3 GRK G-protein-coupled-receptor kinase Hh hedgehog LMB leptomycin B Ptc patched PKA protein kinase...
Biochem Soc Trans (2005) 33 (6): 1323–1326.
Published: 26 October 2005
.... Real-time imaging of fluorescent biosensors is making it possible to visualize cAMP dynamics directly as they happen in intact, living cells, providing important and original insights for our understanding of the spatiotemporal organization of the cAMP/PKA (protein kinase A) signalling pathway...
Biochem Soc Trans (2003) 31 (6): 1120–1124.
Published: 01 December 2003
...C. Holm HSL (hormone-sensitive lipase) is a key enzyme in the mobilization of fatty acids from acylglycerols in adipocytes as well as non-adipocytes. In adipocytes, catecholamines stimulate lipolysis mainly through PKA (protein kinase A)-mediated phosphorylation of HSL and perilipin, a protein...
Biochem Soc Trans (2003) 31 (5): 954–957.
Published: 01 October 2003
... of Ins P 3 R in differing abundance, and all are potential substrates for phosphoregulation. PKA (protein kinase A)-mediated phosphorylation of Ins P 3 Rs in pancreatic acinar cells resulted in slowed kinetics of calcium release following photo-release of Ins P 3 . In contrast, activation of PKA...
Biochem Soc Trans (2003) 31 (1): 87–89.
Published: 01 February 2003
...J.D. Scott Targeting of protein kinases and phosphatases to the cytoskeleton enhances the regulation of many signalling events. Cytoskeletal signalling complexes facilitate this process by optimizing the relay of messages from membrane receptors to specific sites on the actin cytoskeleton...