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Keywords: lipid metabolism
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Biochem Soc Trans (2023) 51 (1): 223–232.
Published: 06 February 2023
...). Published by Portland Press Limited on behalf of the Biochemical Society 2023 acid-base balance chronic kidney disease gluconeogenesis inflammation lipid metabolism renal physiology Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is clinically defined as reduced kidney function or a structural abnormality...
Biochem Soc Trans (2022) 50 (3): 1191–1204.
Published: 23 May 2022
.... In view of the emerging role of circadian regulation in maintaining lipid homeostasis, in this review, we summarize the current knowledge on lipid metabolic pathways controlled by the mammalian circadian system. Furthermore, we review the emerging connection between the development of human metabolic...
Biochem Soc Trans (2019) 47 (5): 1291–1305.
Published: 28 October 2019
... and phosphomonoesterases, the action of a PLC produces DG, which is a common biosynthetic intermediate in lipid metabolism. This creates a potential problem for cells in segregating PLC-derived-DG from other sources of DG, enabling it to both act as a selective signal for the activation of PKC and also as a source of PA...
Biochem Soc Trans (2019) 47 (5): 1259–1268.
Published: 18 October 2019
... and distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 (CC BY-NC-ND) . ATP-binding cassette transporters cardiovascular disease cholesterol transport lipid metabolism sitosterolemia structural biology Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death globally (∼50% deaths...
Biochem Soc Trans (2015) 43 (5): 1079–1084.
Published: 09 October 2015
... TRIB1 locus as being significantly associated with multiple plasma lipid traits and cardiovascular disease (CVD) in humans. The involvement of TRIB1 in hepatic lipid metabolism has been validated through viral-mediated hepatic overexpression of the gene in mice; increasing levels of TRIB1 decreased...
Biochem Soc Trans (2015) 43 (2): 235–239.
Published: 07 April 2015
... should be addressed (email lawrence.lum@utsouthwestern.edu ). 16 10 2014 © The Authors Journal compilation © 2015 Biochemical Society 2015 intercellular signalling lipid metabolism membrane bound O-acyltransferases protein fatty acylation Wnt Hedgehog The cell membrane...
Biochem Soc Trans (2015) 43 (1): 108–110.
Published: 26 January 2015
... Journal compilation © 2015 Biochemical Society 2015 Cdc48/VCP/p97 endoplasmic-reticulum–mitochondria encounter structure (ERMES) lipid metabolism mitochondria mitophagy small GTPase The communication between organelles of the secretory pathway is an essential part of the life of any...
Biochem Soc Trans (2014) 42 (5): 1409–1413.
Published: 18 September 2014
... the experimental evidence for histone variant functions in lipid metabolism. 1 Correspondence may be addressed to either of these authors (email v.pazienza@operapadrepio.it or m.vinciguerra@operapadrepio.it / m.vinciguerra@ucl.ac.uk ) . 30 4 2014 © The Authors Journal compilation © 2014...
Biochem Soc Trans (2011) 39 (4): 910–916.
Published: 20 July 2011
... in the number of new AD loci during the next year. Even so, it is already possible to infer that the newly identified loci are not completely independent and seem to fit into three wide pathways: immune and complement systems/inflammatory response; endocytic pathways; and cholesterol and lipid metabolism [ 37...
Biochem Soc Trans (2006) 34 (6): 1110–1113.
Published: 25 October 2006
... high cholesterol flux, whether for maintaining RCT (liver), or during a stress response (adrenal gland). Because of these striking parallels, we undertook the investigation of the role of LXR in the adrenal gland. adrenal gland cholesterol corticosterone lipid metabolism liver X receptor...
Biochem Soc Trans (2006) 34 (3): 377–380.
Published: 22 May 2006
... homology to Sec14p and together they form the Sec14p family of lipid-transfer proteins. It is a diverse group of proteins with distinct subcellular localizations and varied physiological functions related to lipid metabolism and membrane trafficking. © 2006 The Biochemical Society 2006 Golgi...
Biochem Soc Trans (2005) 33 (5): 1053–1058.
Published: 26 October 2005
... factor linking the clinical manifestations of the metabolic syndrome. energy balance homoeostasis insulin resistance lipid metabolism mouse model peroxisome-proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR) The generation of mouse models with tissue-specific deletion, isoform-specific deletion...
Biochem Soc Trans (2005) 33 (5): 1178–1181.
Published: 26 October 2005
... regulated. Variation in the amount of one component will induce radical rearrangement of the membrane. This may lead to a complete change of regulatory mechanisms in the lipid metabolism [ 10 ]. Most enzymes involved in the lipid metabolism of yeast have been identified and the corresponding genes have...
Biochem Soc Trans (2004) 32 (1): 92–96.
Published: 01 February 2004
... transcription, glucose metabolism, lipid metabolism, nuclear receptor. Abbreviations used: ABCA1, ATP binding cassette A1; BARE, bile acid-responsive element; CYP7A1, cholesterol 7 -hydroxylase; FTF, -fetoprotein transcription factor; FXR/BAR, farnesoid X receptor; HNF-4, hepatocyte nuclear factor-4; LDL, low...
Biochem Soc Trans (2004) 32 (1): 107–109.
Published: 01 February 2004
... on the Bioscience of Lipids, a meeting held at Keble College, Oxford, 7–11 September 2003 7 September 2003 © 2004 Biochemical Society 2004 hepatocyte nuclear factor-4 (HNF-4) lipid metabolism lipogenesis sterol regulatory element-binding protein 1c (SREBP-1c) Abbreviations used...
Biochem Soc Trans (2000) 28 (6): 834–836.
Published: 01 December 2000
... be addressed (e-mail holtman@voeding.tno.nl ) 26 6 2000 © 2000 Biochemical Society 2000 lipid metabolism protein interactions LOX, lipoxygenase PP2A, protein phosphatase 2A HMM, high-molecular-mass FC, fusicoccin 13-HPOD, 13-hydroxy-9Z,11 E-octadecadieonic acid 9-HPOD, 9...