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Keywords: Rho GTPase
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Biochem Soc Trans (2014) 42 (1): 212–218.
Published: 23 January 2014
... 2013 © The Authors Journal compilation © 2014 Biochemical Society 2014 cell polarity Rho GTPase Rho of plants (ROP) vesicle trafficking One of the essential features of cells in the context of multicellular organisms is their ability to migrate or co-ordinately generate asymmetry...
Biochem Soc Trans (2011) 39 (6): 1606–1611.
Published: 21 November 2011
...Katarzyna Leszczynska; Sukhbir Kaur; Eleanor Wilson; Roy Bicknell; Victoria L. Heath RhoJ is an endothelially expressed member of the Cdc42 (cell division cycle 42) subfamily of small Rho GTPases. It is expressed in both the developing mammalian vasculature and the vascular beds of a number...
Biochem Soc Trans (2009) 37 (6): 1243–1247.
Published: 19 November 2009
... associated with abnormal angiogenesis but the mechanisms are poorly understood. Recent studies show that altering ADMA metabolism in vivo and in vitro modulates the activity of Rho GTPases, key regulators of actin dynamics, endothelial cell motility and angiogenesis. In the present review, we consider...
Biochem Soc Trans (2008) 36 (2): 149–155.
Published: 20 March 2008
... of reorganizations that are controlled by the Rho GTPases, Rac1 and RhoA, that result in the expansion and completion of cell–cell adhesion. In the present article, in vitro protein assembly studies and live-cell studies of de novo cell–cell adhesion are discussed in the context of how the cadherin–catenin complex...
Biochem Soc Trans (2006) 34 (5): 971–974.
Published: 25 October 2006
... nucleotide dissociation inhibitor (GDI) Rho GTPase protein–protein interaction talin vinculin As indicated above, there are many examples of proteins which exist in a substantially disordered state and which fold to a more ordered state on binding to a partner molecule; in several...
Biochem Soc Trans (2005) 33 (4): 649–651.
Published: 01 August 2005
... , and to inhibit transformation of fibroblasts by oncogenic H-Ras. RhoE is therefore a multifunctional protein whose localization and actions are regulated by phosphorylation. cell cycle RhoE Rho GTPase phosphorylation signal transduction The Rho family of proteins is part of the Ras superfamily...
Biochem Soc Trans (2005) 33 (4): 609–613.
Published: 01 August 2005
.... Wilkins J.A. Chapman H.A. J. Cell Biol. 1999 144 1285 1294 52 Pierini L.M. Eddy R.J. Fuortes M. Seveau S. Casulo C. Maxfield F.R. J. Biol. Chem. 2003 278 10831 10841 anchorage-dependent growth integrin membrane domain rac targeting Rho GTPase...
Biochem Soc Trans (2004) 32 (3): 443–446.
Published: 01 June 2004
... at Chancellors Conference Centre, University of Manchester, 1–3 December 2003 19 November 2003 © 2004 Biochemical Society 2004 integrin mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAP kinase) motility p21-activated kinase (PAK) protein kinase A (PKA) Rho GTPase Abbreviations used: ECM...
Biochem Soc Trans (2003) 31 (6): 1209–1212.
Published: 01 December 2003
... 2003 Biochemical Society 2003 cytoskeleton lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) motility phospholipase Rho GTPase Tiam1 Abbreviations used: LPA, lysophosphatidic acid; GPCR, G-protein-coupled receptor; PI 3-kinase, phosphoinositide 3-kinase; EGF, epidermal growth factor; PLD, phospholipase...