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Impact and Information

Print ISSN: 0300-5127

Online ISSN: 1470-8752

Frequency: Bi-monthly (6 issues per year); articles published online ahead of print issues

Impact Factor: 3.9 2022 Journal Impact Factor, Journal Citation Reports (Web of Science Group, 2023) 

The Impact Factor is a measure of the average number of citations an article in the journal will receive within the first 2 years of publication. It is calculated by dividing the number of times articles were cited by the total number of articles that are citable.

5-year Impact Factor: 4.8 2022  Journal Impact Factor, Journal Citation Reports (Web of Science Group, 2023)

Calculated as the number of times articles published in the past 5 years have been cited in the stated year divided by the number of articles which are citable.

Journal Citation Indicator: 0.44 2022 Journal Impact Factor, Journal Citation Reports (Web of Science Group, 2023)

The Journal Citation Indicator is a category-normalised metric. A Journal Citation Indicator of 1.0 means that published papers, across the journal, received citations equal to the average (mean) for the category.

Journal ranking: 126/285 2022 (Second Quartile) Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Category, Journal Citation Reports (Web of Science Group, 2023)

Cited half-life: 9.8

The average age of articles cited by Biochemical Society Transactions, where 50% of the articles cited will have been published in the last 9 years. The journal builds on established research while also summarizing current thinking.

Immediacy Index: 0.9

This is the average number of times an article is cited in the year it is published.

Article influence score: 1.473

The article influence score aims to measure the influence of a journal's articles over the first 5 years following publication. It considers where articles are cited as well as how often, with a citation in a ‘higher influence’ journal weighted more than those in ‘lower influence’ journals.

An article influence score over 1.00 indicates articles published in the journal have an above-average influence.

Median time from submission to first decision in 2022 (following full peer review): 30 days

Median time from acceptance to online Version of Record publication in 2022: 20 days

Biochemical Society Transactions is abstracted/indexed in:

Biochemical Society Transactions is digitally archived in: 

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