Derailed endocytosis is a hallmark of cancer. The endocytic pathway, as demonstrated by our laboratory, is a frequent target of genomic aberrations in cancer and plays a critical role in the maintenance of cellular polarity, stem cell function, bioenergetics, proliferation, motility, invasion, metastasis, apoptosis and autophagy. The Rab GTPases, along with their effectors, are critical regulators of this endocytic machinery and can have a huge impact on the cellular itinerary of growth and metabolism. Rab25 is an epithelial-cell-specific member of the Rab GTPase superfamily, sharing close homology with Rab11a, the endosomal recycling Rab GTPase. RAB25 has been implicated in various cancers, with reports presenting it as both an oncogene and a tumour-suppressor gene. At the cellular level, Rab25 was shown to contribute to invasiveness of cancer cells by regulating integrin trafficking. Recently, our laboratory uncovered a critical role for Rab25 in cellular energetics. Assimilating all of the existing evidence, in the present review, we give an updated overview of the complex and often context-dependent role of Rab25 in cancer.

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