The small GTPase Rab6 regulates vesicle trafficking at the level of Golgi. Recently, the crystal structures of Rab6 in complexes with two unrelated effectors have been determined. The structure of Rab6a-GTP in complex with a 378-residue internal fragment of the effector Rab6IP1 (Rab6-interacting protein 1) has been solved. In addition, the structure of Rab6 with the golgin, GCC185, has also been determined. In both complexes, two α-helices from the effector mediate binding to switch I, switch II and the interswitch region of Rab6. Comparisons of the complexes reveal significant conformational changes in the conserved hydrophobic triad of Rab6. Thus conformational flexibility in the triad mediates recognition of compositionally distinct α-helical coiled coils, providing a rationale for the promiscuity of Rab6 in effector recruitment.

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