Streptomyces spp. are known to produce various types of biologically active compounds including antibiotics, antiparasitic agents, herbicides and immunosuppressants. P450 (cytochrome P450) enzymes may have key roles in these biosynthetic and biotransformation reactions. Recent genomic analysis of Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2) indicates that S. coelicolor may have six ferredoxins (Fdxs), four putative Fdx reductases (FdRs) and 18 P450 genes. However, there are few clues to explain the mechanisms and functions of Streptomyces P450 systems. To solve these questions, we have expressed and purified five S. coelicolor P450s, four FdRs and six Fdxs in Escherichia coli. Of the purified P450s, CYP105D5 has fatty acid hydroxylation activity in a system reconstituted with putidaredoxin reductase and Fdx4 or with spinach FdR and spinach Fdx, although the reconstitutions with FdR2 or FdR3 and any of the Fdxs did not support CYP105D5-catalysed oleic acid hydroxylation. Elucidation of the detailed mechanisms of electron transport system for Streptomyces P450 may provide the perspective for usefulness of P450s as a biocatalyst.

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