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Keywords: subcellular localization
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Biochem J (2011) 437 (1): 141–148.
Published: 14 June 2011
... methyltransferase DNA methylation subcellular localization The methylation of cytosine bases is a covalent DNA modification that has a clear function through its association with transcriptional silencing [ 1 ]. DNA methylation is essential for proper development [ 2 ], genome stability, X-chromosome...
Includes: Supplementary data
Biochem J (2009) 423 (2): 233–242.
Published: 25 September 2009
... 4 2009 9 7 2009 3 8 2009 3 8 2009 © The Authors Journal compilation © 2009 Biochemical Society 2009 Bet3 chondrocyte misfolding sedlin spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia tarda (SEDT) subcellular localization transport protein particle (TRAPP) SEDT...
Includes: Supplementary data
Biochem J (2006) 400 (2): 255–265.
Published: 14 November 2006
... pleckstrin homology domain (PH domain) polyphosphoinositide subcellular localization C 8 -ceramide was obtained from Cayman, cardiolipin and the Immunoprecipitation FLAG®-Immunoprecipitation kit were from Sigma, THP [tris(hydroxypropyl)phosphine] was from Novagen, the HALT™ phosphatase...
Includes: Multimedia, Supplementary data
Biochem J (2006) 395 (1): 39–47.
Published: 15 March 2006
... of lysosomes obtained by centrifugation always contain contaminant membranes, we combined biochemical and morphological methods to analyse the subcellular localization of p40. The results of subcellular fractionation of mouse liver homogenates validate the lysosomal residence of p40. In particular, a density...
Includes: Supplementary data
Biochem J (2005) 392 (3): 435–441.
Published: 06 December 2005
...-endonuclease mapping followed by DNA sequencing. Here we have investigated the cellular control of the IP3KB localization and its functional consequences. We provide evidence for the limited proteolysis of IP3KB in cells, which produces domains with unique subcellular localizations, and we...
Biochem J (2005) 390 (1): 85–93.
Published: 09 August 2005
... with the control levels. This differs from findings with other human sialidases. Although the isoforms were not distinguishable with regard to substrate specificity, they exhibited differential subcellular localizations. Immunofluorescence microscopy and biochemical fractionation demonstrated that an exogenously...
Biochem J (2005) 388 (1): 47–55.
Published: 10 May 2005
... cells to assess directly the interaction between GBR subunits and determine their subcellular localization. The results show that, in addition to forming heterodimers, GBR1 and GBR2 can associate as stable homodimers. Confocal microscopy indicates that, while GBR1/GBR1 homodimers are retained...
Biochem J (2004) 382 (3): 811–819.
Published: 07 September 2004
... retention in the ER and manifestation of the loss of function phenotype. endoplasmic reticulum retention glycosylation intracellular targeting Nramp1 Slc11a1 subcellular localization Solute carrier family 11 member 1 (Slc11a1, formerly Nramp1) is an extensively glycosylated, integral...
Biochem J (2004) 382 (1): 353–362.
Published: 10 August 2004
...-kinase B (IP3K-B) co-localizes with the cytoskeleton, as well as with the endoplasmic reticulum and the plasma membrane. The domains responsible for these subcellular localizations are not yet identified. For the endogenous enzyme, we confirmed both actin and endoplasmic reticulum localization...
Biochem J (2004) 379 (2): 471–477.
Published: 15 April 2004
... that cytosolic accumulation of -catenin is a prerequisite for the activation of TCF/LEF- dependent transcription in the nucleus. Key words: -catenin, subcellular localization, transcriptional activity, Wnt signalling. INTRODUCTION -Catenin is a bifunctional protein and exists in two separate pools in the cell...
Biochem J (2002) 363 (3): 563–570.
Published: 24 April 2002
...), and in each case co-expression of the type I isoform with type IIα results in recruitment of the latter from the cytosol to the plasma membrane of the cell. This change in subcellular localization could result in improved access of the type IIα PIPkin to its lipid substrates. Biochem. J. (2002) 363, 563 570...
Biochem J (2002) 361 (3): 597–604.
Published: 25 January 2002
... the accession number AY046059. 25 7 2001 15 10 2001 12 11 2001 The Biochemical Society, London ©2002 2002 association in vivo subcellular localization substrate in vivo yeast two-hybrid screen Abbreviations used: GAPDH, glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase; GFP...
Biochem J (2001) 360 (2): 421–429.
Published: 26 November 2001
..., and are thought to play an important role in protein transport. In the present study, we wondered what effect increased biosynthetic cell activity with resulting high levels of protein transport would have on the subcellular localization of p24. We examined p24 localization in Xenopus intermediate pituitary...
Biochem J (2001) 358 (1): 225–232.
Published: 08 August 2001
...- plemented the CV2 cells at 42 °C. Subcellular and submito- chondrial fractionation analysis demonstrated that both AK3 and AK4 are localized in the mitochondrial matrix. Key words: cDNA cloning, Northern-blot analysis, subcellular localization, Western-blot analysis. AK is indispensable for the growth...
Biochem J (2001) 356 (1): 53–60.
Published: 08 May 2001
... 2001 The Biochemical Society, London ©2001 2001 cellular localization lysosome macrophage molecular cloning subcellular localization Abbreviations used: PHT, peptide/histidine transporter; r, rat; PepT, peptide transporter; PEPT, oligopeptide transporter; LAMP1, lysosome...
Biochem J (1999) 343 (2): 443–452.
Published: 08 October 1999
... correspondence should be addressed ( scott@ohsu.edu ). 30 4 1999 27 7 1999 17 8 1999 The Biochemical Society, London © 1999 1999 anchoring protein postsynaptic density signal transduction subcellular localization Biochem. J. (1999) 343, 443 452 (Printed in Great Britain) 443...