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Accepted Manuscripts

Research Article December 6 2023
A highly conserved ligand-binding site for AccA transporters of antibiotic and quorum-sensing regulator in Agrobacterium leads to a different specificity
Biochem J (2023) BCJ20230273.
Research Article November 30 2023
The role of phosphorylation in calmodulin-mediated gating of human AQP0
Biochem J (2023) BCJ20230158.
Research Article November 28 2023
Leukotriene B4 receptor 1 (BLT1) does not mediate disease progression in a mouse model of liver fibrosis
Biochem J (2023) BCJ20230422.
Research Article November 28 2023
Sperm induce a secondary increase in ATP levels in mouse eggs that is independent of Ca2+ oscillations.
Biochem J (2023) BCJ20230065.
Research Article September 29 2008
WITHDRAWN: Curcumin, a dietary polyphenol, emerges as a novel inhibitor of DNA topoisomerase I of kinetoplastid parasite Leishmania donovani
Biochem J (2008)
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