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As the voice of the molecular biosciences community, we are keen to include contributions from you and encourage you to get in touch with us!

Article types

The following article types are considered for the magazine:

  • FEATURES: short, reviews of key areas of science research related to the theme of the issue; these are usually invited
  • BEGINNER’S GUIDES: each one covers a popular method in detail, these are usually invited
  • REVIEWS: Anything available to the public which might be of interest to a molecular biosciences audience can be reviewed, including books, films, apps and exhibitions
  • NEWS: Any news or updates in the research or scholarly publishing fields
  • POLICY: Science policy updates from the Biochemical Society
  • OUTREACH: Engaging with the public
  • EDUCATION AND LEARNING: From post-16 onwards, educational activities and ways to ensure your lifelong learning

Submission process

If you are keen to contribute to the magazine and have an idea for a proposed article then please email the Managing Editor to discuss it further. 

Please ensure that you read our instructions to authors carefully.

As our issues are themed, if you are submitting an article related to the theme of a particular issue and are unable to meet the submission deadline for that issue, unfortunately we are unable to reschedule your contribution for a latter issue. If this should happen, you might want to consider submitting your work to The Biochemist blog for consideration.

Following submission, all contributions are reviewed by the Science Editor and Editorial Office for quality, relevance and interest. If appropriate, you may be asked to make revisions before acceptance.


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Articles in the magazine are published under an open access licence

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